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International Pageants
GB Awards 2001


GB Awards 2001


We will start the review with the most exotic continent in the world, the Africa. Countries from this region have been certainly developed well in performing and competing in beauty pageant. The highest achievement was made by the Nigerian Agbani Darego who won the Miss World crown and broke the domination of India for the last two years as well as winning the crown for Africa after more than 20 years failed to do so. Agbani made her country even prouder earlier before she won the Miss World crown by entering the Miss Universe semifinal for the very first time. For this huge achievement, Agbani has a really big chance to win many awards especially for the best African delegate performance for this year. However, Nigeria will have a tough competition from many other African countries as well. South Africa's Jo Ann Strauss may give an edge for Agbani in Interview category as well as in Swimsuit award. In evening gown, Sarah Shaheen (Egypt/Universe) with her lovely pink gown is a big opponent for both Jo Ann and Agbani. What about in other additional categories? Well, Agbani is predicted to still dominate in some categories such as stage presence, sex appeal and Photogenic categories. However, in National costume, the Ghanaians Precious Ayagre (Ghana/Universe) and Sarah Shaheen are the front runners for this category. Sarah may also be considered as a front runner in Photogenic award and Sex Appeal award. Again, South Africa and Nigeria will be competed against each other in one of the most prestigious award for Regional section, which is the Best country performance. Similarly, both countries merely represented by one delegate each and this may become questionable since the country performance should be represented by different delegates in all Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International. It is unsure yet whether the Facial Beauty category will be presented again or not nevertheless Agbani may still predicted as the front runner. In addition, another African countries may also have a chance in some categories to win the awards for their country. Last year overall winner Zimbabwe did not do as well as last year. They may have a chance in being nominated in National Costume category by Tsungai Muswera Kwenda (Zimbabwe/Universe). Happiness Magasse (Tanzania/World) may also has a chance to be nominated in some categories such as Sex Appeal, and Facial Beauty. Victoria Kabuye (Uganda/World) and Hidianeth Cussema (Angola/Universe) are some of another possible nominators. Overally, the front runners from this region are Agbani Darego, Jo Ann Strauss, and Sarah Shaheen and it is predicted that these three ladies will compete each other in many categories including the Best Overall delegate from Africa region.


The oriental beauty that has one of the most traditional sightseeing and cultures has made a big improvement this year. India seems no longer dominate the competition this year after their marvelous achievement for the last 2 years by having 1 Miss Universe, 2 Miss World, and 1 GB awards Overall Winner. In contrast, Korea is considered as the country with the best achievement this year. Though they just made semifinal in Miss International but they have won all the awards in all Big 3 competition. The front runner nominees from this region are Celina Jaitley (India/Universe), Sa Rang Kim (Korea/Universe), Zorayda Andam (Philippines/Universe), Ilanit Levy (Israel/Universe), Bing Li (China/World), Sara Corner (India/World), Hyun Jin Seo (Korea/World), Christina Sawaya (Lebanon/World), Lada Engchawadechaslip(Thailand/World), Kanithakan Saengchasaprakula (Thailand/International), Kanwal Toor (India/International), Dikla Elkabetz (Israel/International) Myung Baek Hee (Korea/International), and Sansarmaa Tsedevsuren (Mongolia/International). First of all, the Sex Appeal Award, some of the possible nominees are Celina Jaitley, Zorayda Andam, and Christina Sawaya. In Photogenic awards, both Celina Jaitley and Sa Rang Kim may be considered as a front runners however the biggest attention goes into the winner of Miss World Photogenic award, Lada Engchawadechaslip as well as the winner of Miss International Photogenic award, Dikla Elkabetz. It will be interesting to see who will win this category. National Costume will be certainly dominated by the Korean, Sa Rang Kim who won the best National Costume award in Miss Universe and Myung Baek Hee who won the best National Costume award in Miss International. Zorayda Andam, the 1st Runner Up National Costume award in Miss Universe, Celina Jaitley, the semifinalist in National Costume Miss Universe competition can be also expected to become a nominee. Another one nominee may be filled by Kanikathan Saengchasaprakula, Sansarmaa Tsedevsureen, and Hulya Karanik (Turkey/Universe) who also a semifinalist in National Costume Miss Universe competition. As for stage presence, again Celina Jaitley may be up there along with Ilanit Levy, Bing Li, and Kanwal Toor. The Lebanese Georgina Rizk (Lebanon/Universe) and Keren Schlimowitz (Israel/World) may be up there in Facial beauty category. In the competition category such as swimsuit, evening gown, and interview the nominations are predicted to be highly tough chosen. In swimsuit, Celina Jaitley may have the best body. The pressure will come from Kanikathan Saengchasaprakula, and Zorayda Andam. Evening gown award is another category, which will be full of tough competition, and the nominees will be hard to predict as well. Christina Sawaya, Celina Jaitley, Kanwal Toor, and Zorayda Andam are some of the possibilities and last but not least, the winner of best Evening Gown award in Miss World The Korean Hyun Jin Seo will be absolutely a front runner in this category. India may dominate the Interview award by placing all Celina Jaitley, Sara Corner, and Kanwal Toor as nominees. As for Personality, it cannot be predicted well since we did not interact the delegates personally and therefore it is quite difficult to predict who will be nominated in this category. Finally, the best country performance shall be taken by either Korea or India. Korea nevertheless may have a bigger opportunity to bring this award for the very first time since they have bring one award each from every pageant and also they have one semifinalist in Miss International. Another countries may also have a chance to be nominated in some categories. Tabassum Shaon (Bangladesh/World) is a strong possibility in Sex Appeal award. Maricarl Tolosa (Philippines/International) may be up there in National Costume nomination as well as the Japanese Hanako Suzuki (Japan/International). Overally, Celina Jaitley, Zorayda Andam, Sa Rang Kim, and Kanwal Toor are some of the strongest candidates to be the Best Overall Asia winner however none of them has made a big achievement enough to win the award easily and therefore we might expect a really close point between each other and a tough competition as well.


As the region with the highest number of countries and delegates, the Europe region is regarded to have such a tough competition as well. The highest achievement was made by Malgorzata Rozniecka (Poland/International) who became the Miss International 2001, Tatiana Palova (Russia/International) who was the 2nd Runner Up in Miss International. Juliet Jane Horne (Scotland/World) who was the 2nd Runner Up in Miss World and last but not least the beautiful young Evelina Papantoniou (Greece/Universe) who was the 1st Runner Up in Miss Universe. Malgorzata Rozniecka who brings the miss International crown for the third time for Poland has a strong possibility to be nominated in Stage Presence, Interview, and Swimsuit category. Tatiana shall be up there in Facial Beauty, and National Costume category. Juliet Jane Horne has a strong chance being nominated in Evening Gown, Interview, and Stage Presence category while Evelina Papantoniou may dominate the most nominations by being a candidate in Photogenic, Sex Appeal, Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Interview, Stage Presence, and Facial Beauty category. Many other European countries and delegates who may give a strong competition to all these ladies. The 1999 GB awards Overall Winner and 2000 GB awards Overall Europe Winner, Spain did not do as good as the old days. However, they have a strong chance to grab the Best Country award since they were successfully entered the semifinal in all 3 beauty pageants. Unfortunately another Europe country, Russia has made a similar achievement as Spain and therefore it is interesting enough to see which country will win this award. Eva Siso Casals (Spain/Universe), a Miss Universe semifinalist is a strong candidate for being nominated in Sex Appeal, Photogenic, and Swimsuit award. Siv Theresee Hegerland Havik (Norway/International), the winner of Miss Congeniality award in Miss International is definitely a strong contender in personality category. Another Spanish beauty, Macarena Garcia (Spain/World) can grab the Evening Gown award with her exquisite orange reddish gown. Lets not forget with Telma Santos (Portugal/Universe), the winner of survivor game in Global Beauties, she was considered as a major nominee especially in evening gown, Sex Appeal, and Interview as well. Furthermore, though Russia entered the semifinal in all the 3 pageants, they performance was not really stand out and it is predicted that they may. Facial Beauty, Sex Appeal, and Photogenic awards are the one that will have a tough competition since there are so many beautiful European delegates with perfect feature and face. Evelina Papantoniou is a front runner for sure. The others may be Eva Siso, Mascha Santschi (Switzerland/World), Oleksandra Nikolayenko (Ukraine/World), Tipjana Stajsic (Yugoslavia/World), Kolbrun Helgadottir (Iceland/World), Ana Mirjana Razanovic (Bosnia/World), Iva Milivojevic (Yugoslavia/International), Ivaila Bakalova (Bulgaris/Universe), Reshma Roopram (Netherland/Universe), Lesley Turner (Ireland/Universe), Malin Olsson (Sweden/Universe), and Ana Jankovic (Yugoslavia/Universe). Malin Olsson who was considered as one of the most photogenic face may grab the award. The National Costume award is the only award, which is questionable in this region since they merely did well in this category. Russia used to win this award and this year they still has a chance to win from Oxana Kalandyrets (Russia/Universe) with her Rasputin style Costume. It will be interesting to see who are the nominees for this category. Overally, Malgorzata Rozniecka and Evelina Papantoniou are the two strongest contenders to grab the Best Overall Europe Winner, and another places could be given to Eva Siso Casals, Juliet Jane Horne, and Oleksandra Nikolayenko.


Now the competition is getting tougher and tougher. We are getting into a region where the beauty pageant is highly concerned and considered as one of the main attractants for its community. No one can deny that Denise Quinones (Puerto Rico/Universe), Miss Universe 2001 is a front runner for taking home the most awards and a possible Overall Winner in this 4th annual GB Award. However, Denise will face much hard competition from others. Another great achievement comes from the island of Aruba after Zizi Lee (Aruba/World) became the 1st Runner Up in Miss World. It is predicted that both ladies will dominate the nomination list for this region. In Sex Appeal category, Denise and Zizi might be nominated along with Kandace Krueger (USA/Universe), Carrie Ann Stroup (USA/World), and another Puerto Ricans Barbara Serrano (Puerto Rico/World). In Photogenic category, Denise is a major contender for sure since she won the Miss Photogenic title in Miss Universe. Carrie Ann Stroup, Lourdes Montenegro (Panama/World), and Judith Cury (Dom. Republic/International) are another strong possible nominees to compete with Denise. Both Denise Quinones and Zizi Lee might not be a top contender in some categories. National Costume award, for instance, Olenka Fuschich (Honduras/Universe), the 2nd Runner Up for Best National Costume in Miss Universe has a big chance to win the award for the very first time for her country and her sexy appearance might lift up her name into Sex Appeal nomination list. In Personality category, Nakera Simms (Bahamas/Universe), the winner of Miss Congeniality award in Miss Universe as well as in Miss Mesoamerica is in a front row to become a winner. The nomination list goes on for Denise and Zizi in the rest of the categories. In swimsuit category, Denise Quinones, Kandace Krueger, Zizi Lee, Judith Cury, Tara Hall (Canada/World), Carrie Ann Stroup, and Ivette Cordovez (Panama/Universe) are some of the name that can be thought of as nominees. In Interview category, Zizi and Denise will fight to each other closely to each other however shall we not forget with Christina Remond (Canada/Universe), Ligia Arguello (Nicaragua/World), and Kandace Krueger as well who did brilliant interview as well. Evening gown category might be the hardest category to be predicted who would be up there. Apart from Denise with her low cut V-neck glittery white gown, and Zizi Lee with her floral motif gown, there are many other candidates with magnificent gown. Ivette Cordovez in her exquisite green gown, and Christina Remond in her elegant white gown, cannot be forgotten as possible candidates. The competition goes on with Facial Beauty award in which Lourdes Montenegro, Ivette Cordovez, Carrie Ann Stroup, and Barbara Serrano might give an edge for both Denise and Zizi. What about Mexico??? Country, which always sends beautiful, stunning, and strong delegates actually did not do well this year. They did not enter a semifinalist nor won any awards in all 3 pageants. However, Jacqueline Van Horde (Mexico/Universe) has a chance for being nominated in Evening Gown, Personality, and National Costume award. Personally, this lady is considered as an elegant woman and it is still a big question why she was not noticed by the judge in Miss Universe. Tatiana Rodriguez (Mexico/World) did not really shine this year whereas Irma Mariana Rios (Mexico/International) also did not prepare herself very well in Miss International competition. In Best Country performance, actually none of the countries in this region did well in all 3 pageants. Puerto Rico won the Miss Universe yet they did not even enter the semifinal in Miss World and Miss International. Similar case with USA. Nicaragua who put Ligia Arguello as a finalist in Miss World did not shine in Miss Universe and Miss International. The best candidate to win this category so far will be definitely Aruba after they became 1st Runner Up in Miss World and entered top 10 in Miss International. The competition is closed with the Best Overall North America & Caribbean Winner. It will be hard for another delegates to beat Denise in this category as it is mentioned earlier however Zizi Lee, Kandace Krueger, Carrie Ann Stroup, Ligia Arguello, and Judith Cury may be nominated along with Denise Quinones.


The smallest region and the least number of delegates. Last year Australia dominated the nomination list as well as the awards by taking home 9 awards, thanks for the duet Samantha Frost and Renee Henderson. This year Australia did not send their delegate in Miss Universe and only send Eva Milic (Australia/World) as their Miss World representative. Eva itself was not as strong as Renee Henderson last year and she merely has a chance in some categories such as Facial Beauty, Interview, Sex Appeal, and Personality categories. The absence of Australia in Miss Universe and Miss International and the not so strong delegate in Miss World will make other Oceania countries such as New Zealand, Hawaii, and Tahiti to take some of the awards for their country. Kateao Nehua (New Zealand/Universe) as the only strong Oceania delegate in Miss Universe may be nominated in Evening Gown, Stage Presence, Photogenic, National Costume, Swimsuit, and Interview categories. Radasha Hoohuli (Hawaii/World) has a strong chance to grab the award for her country in this 4th Annual GB awards in Facial Beauty and Sex Appeal categories. Another Hawaiian delegate Yoon Hee Jenny Lee (Hawaii/International) has a strong chance as well in Facial Beauty and Photogenic categories. Moreover she also a strong possible winner in National Costume award with her exotic floral motif National Costume. Amie Hewett (New Zealand/World) may put her name as well in Facial Beauty and Sex Appeal categories. Seems like the competition is focused in Facial Beauty, Photogenic, and Sex Appeal categories. What about the others? Well as for Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Interview, Personality, and Stage Presence. Same name can be expected to be in the lists. The best country performance might be given between both New Zealand and Hawaii. In addition, the overall winner will be taken between Eva Milic, Kateao Nehua, Radasha Hoohuli, Amie Hewett, and Yoon Hee Jenny Lee. In addition, the weak competition going on in this region might be considered next time by the committee to put this region with the Asia region so may be next year it will be narrowed into Asia & Oceania region as well as North America & Caribbean region.


We close the prediction by landing in the most beautiful region, which considered as the Warehouse of beautiful and stunning women. Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil are the major countries, which always send a competitive delegate. Unfortunately, after Miss Universe went to North America & Caribbean region, Miss World went to Africa, and Miss International went to Europe. The South America countries seemed not doing really well this year. The highest achievement were made by both Venezuelans, Eva va va voom Ekvall (Venezuela/Universe) who was the 3rd Runner Up in Miss Universe and Aura Zambrano (Venezuela/International) who was the 1st Runner Up in Miss International. Another front contenders are Andrea Noceti (Colombia/Universe), Julianna Borges (Brazil/Universe), Viviana Rivasplata (Peru/Universe), Carla Piaggio (Uruguay/Universe), Christianne Balmelli and Maria Rocio Stevensson (Colombia/International). First lets go to Photogenic award, Aura Zambrano who considered as Denise Quinones replica from Venezuela should be up there along with Eva Ekvall, Christianne Balmelli, Andrea Noceti, and Maria Rocio Stevensson. The Sex Appeal award will be taken between Eva Ekvall, Joyce Aguiar, Carla Piaggio, Christianne Balmelli, Julianna Borges, and Viviana Rivasplata. The Diva Eva Ekvall who made a quite big impact on pageant fans is a strong possibility to grab the Swimsuit award. Pressure will come from Viviana Rivasplata, Julianna Borges, and other Venezuelans Andreina Prieto. National Costume will become a tough category with Carolina Gamez (Chile/Universe) who a semifinalist in National Costume competition in Miss Universe as a strong contender. Eva Ekvall, Fernanda Tinti, Viviana Rivasplata, and Julianna Borges will make the Carolinas way harder to win the award. Evening gown is the hardest and the one of the most prestigious award especially for South America region. They always pay a serious attention in having a great wardrobe collection designed by a talented designer. Colombia and Venezuela always compete to each other to win this award. Last year, Colombia was represented by the beautiful gown worn by Catalina Acosta and won the competition against Venezuela, which was represented by the lovely Claudia Moreno. This year the competition continues with Venezuela being represented by Eva Ekvall with her unique patterns and glittery cream gown and Andrea Noceti with her beautiful and classy elegant blue gown representing Colombia. Julianna Borges, Viviana Rivasplata, Aura Zambrano, and Maria Rocio Stevensson may be up there as well. It cannot be denied that Eva Ekvall is the strongest delegate ever sends by Venezuela in terms of communication skills. Her capability for speaking English and the well preparation used to make by Venezuela had resulted an incredible interview performance. Eva Ekvall is a definite nominee in Interview category for sure and a possible winner. Facial beauty and Personality categories may be given for other South America countries such as Claudia Andrea Arano (Bolivia/Universe), Carla Piaggio, Claudia Etmuller (Bolivia/World), and Jeisyl Velez (Colombia/World). In Stage Presence category, again Eva Ekvall is a definite nominee along with Aura Zambrano, Paola Orchard, Andrea Noceti, and Maria Rocio Stevensson. Another tough competition between Venezuela and Colombia will continue in Best Country performance award. Last year, again Colombia took the award from Venezuela. This year, Venezuela did much better than Colombia. Both countries only entered semifinal in Miss Universe and Miss International but Venezuela grabbed the 3rd Runner Up in Miss Universe and 1st Runner Up in Miss International while Colombia merely ended up as semifinalists. Brazil and Chile can be expected to be in the list as well. Finally, the Best Overall South America Winner will end the competition by expecting Eva Ekvall and Andrea Noceti to be up there. They might be accompanied by Viviana Rivasplata, Christiane Balmelli, and Aura Zambrano.


The prediction list is your own choices. We would like to thank you for all the incoming votes for the past 1 month and we will reveal the final list soon

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