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Miss Indonesia (Unofficial)
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Special Features of The Year


Miss International Archives, Jimmy's Page
Parade of Nation, Pageant Almanac (28)
4th Annual GB Awards, Global Beauties (27)
Final Night Coronation MP, Miss World (26)
GB Survivor Competition, Global Beauties (19)
Congratulations to Jimmy's Page, your Miss International Compelte Archives was totally a great special features and we believe it took a lot of hard work and time to get the full archives. Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) was also helped by this archives cause now we know that some of our past women had joined this pageant before. Jimmy's Page took 3 awards including "Best Special Features for Global Category" and "Best Cover for Global Category". Another great special features, Parade of Nation which gives information to all countries of its delegates in Miss Universe from Pageant Almanac came in second place. 4th Annual GB Awards, another great interactive awards involving all the ladies in 1 year pageants came in third place and fllowed by Miss World with its Movie Player for Final Night Coronation. Another special features of GB, the GB Survivor competition held in May 2001 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary Miss Universe pageant and won by Telma Santos (Portugal) came in fifth place.
Congratulations to Jimmy's Page and keep up the good work.


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