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Miss Indonesia (Unofficial)
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Website of The Year


Global Beauties (34)
Pageant Almanac (31)
Miss World (20)
Miss Venezuela (15)
Miss Universe, the winner of 6 MIU Website Awards is chosen as "Website of The Year", Congratulations. Miss Universe therefore collects 7 awards together with "Best International Website", "Best Features for International Category", "Best Picture Collection for International Category", "Best Information for International Category", "Best Design for International Category", and "Design of The Year". Not so close behind, Global Beauties, the winner of 4 MIU Awards was in 2nd place with only 1 point behind. Pageant Almanac, the winner of "Cover of The Year" came in third place. Another International website, Miss World, the winner of "Best Special Features for International Category" came in fourth position and Miss Venezuela, the only representative for National Website came last and brings home 1 award as "Favourite Website".
Congratulations to Miss Universe website!!!


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