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The links provided below are some of the website which we would like to recommend to you as a pageant fan to find more about beauty pageants. The links will be added gradually. If you would like us to put your website in this link simply send us an e-mail and give us the address of your URL

This Website contains informations, pictures, coverage, and many others from various beauty pageants around the world. For those of you who just started to love beauty pageant and want to know more, then we recommend you to visit this website. There is also special information for Latinas people covered in their own language.

Pageant Almanac is one of the most complete website especially regarding Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA. It has some great features such as the list of judges, contestant, and winners from past pageants and also it has the scorecard of past competition !!! Supported with a great cover and design and comprehensive site map, this website is truly one of the most recommended for pageant fans to visit for.

Jimmy's page is one of the oldest beauty pageant website since it was launched proudly in 1996. Thus, it is no surprising if this website is simply designed yet contains so many information especially the rare one such as the contestant of Miss Universe pageant since 1952 - 2001 and many other winner list from various beauty pageants. Of course as a Canadian, his website also covered the Miss Canada National pageant. Another great recommendation.

Looking for your favourite delegate performed in pageant but you do not have the tape? well, then you should visit this website. It contains many video capture page from the past beauty pageants as its main features. The website was made by the Korean pageant expert Woojae Chang and there is also Miss Beau Land competition currently going on in this website. Go and have a look!

Venezuela....who does not know this country's achievement in beauty pageant. This strongest powerhouse in beauty pageant has produced so many exotic Latina beauties within more than 20 years (since their 1st Miss Universe title). This page will give you many information and pictures of both female & male competition within Venezuela. It has a great coverage of Miss Venezuela 2001 pageant and also pictures of past titleholders. This website was made by the famous missologist from Venezuela Julio Rodriguez. Our staff had been participated in a quiz competition held by this website few months ago and ended up in top 25.

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