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Miss Indonesia (Unofficial)
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About Us

Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) website is officialy launched in 11th October 2001 and it is a website which covers all the information about Indonesian beauty queens and beauty pageants.



*. The motto of this website is chosen to be "Where The Lost Beauty Is Risen". Therefore, the website has a main mission to introduce the Indonesian beauty into the worldwide community.

*. The website has a target to collect and to gather as many as possible the Indonesian beauty pageant fans and to allow them to make a relationship with others from worldwide fans and for sharing the knowledge, experience, and information about beauty pageant.

*. Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) website is a non-profit website in which all the staff involved in the making process of the website are not being paid and all the progress are made merely because our passion of beauty pageant and the willing to do our best to keep the beauty pageant alive.


*. As a national website which has been dedicated to all fans from around the world then the website proudly presents our own "International Pageant" version which is made exclusively for the Big 3 International Beauty Pageants (Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International).

*. The website nevertheless may not provide any special coverage regarding any international beauty pageants since there are many other excellent international website provides it. However, Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) website may give the contribution in terms of review, prediction, and opinion at the end of the pageant and the end of each whole one year competition. Please visit our LINKS to find out some of the great recommendation website built by profesional pageant experts.


*. Having a relationship with other pageant website owner is definitely compulsory and Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) website would like to thank you to all of the website who has been incorporated with us wonderfully and excellently. Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) never stops to find as many friends as possible therefore please do not hesitate to email us.

*. Moreover, Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) website proudly announces its corporation with the international pageant community website "" by entering our staff as a manager in charge of "Bahasa Indonesia" version. There, you can find every pageant review specially designed for Indonesian people. Please visit our magnificent corporation with this incredible website by entering our LINKS.

*. Another corporation has been done as well with other website called Pageant Point. Our staff has becoming one of its correspondents for the website. Please visit the "Pageant Point" website by entering our LINKS.


1. RONALD SUWANDI (19) is the owner of Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) website. Born in Jakarta, 4th May 1982, Ronald starts to watch beauty pageant for the first time in 1991 when the lovely Miss Mexico (Lupita Jones) became the Miss Universe 1991. he started to become a serious pageant fan since 2000 and in October 2001, he realized that the Indonesian beauty has not been recognized yet very well and therefore he decided further to make a website introducing the Indonesian Beauty. With so many limitations in terms of computer skils, knowledge, and experience, the website was officialy launched in 11th October 2001 with a very simple design and information. Ronald currently lives in Sydney, Australia and he loves to watch beauty pageant especially Miss Universe and Miss World. he also loves to watch Miss Venezuela national pageant. His favourite contestants ever are Barbara Palacios Teyde (Miss Universe 1986) of Venezuela, Lupita Jones (Miss Universe 1991) of Mexico, and Lara Dutta (Miss Universe 2000) of India. Moreover, he also is in charge in controlling the website regulation and progress, he has a responsibility in managing the Bahasa Indonesia Version of as well.

2. SEIKO WIRYAWAN (19) is in charge in regulating our "International Pageant" site and she also tries to find and to collect as many as possible the Indonesian beauty pageant fans. Seiko born in Jakarta, 30th June 1982 and her interests in beauty pageant arose after she saw Alicia Machado (Miss Universe 1996) of Venezuela won the pageant. Then she moved to Sydney as well and met Ronald to design the Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) website together. She loves to read and to listen to the music, last but not least she loves to watch beauty pageant and her favourite show is Miss Universe.

Finally, though the website is controlled by only 2 staffs but we do have a big contribution from our ARJUNA AWARDS winner and from many other international pageant website owner as well. It is such a big progress we have made for the last 2 weeks and we would like to thank to all of you whom cannot be mentioned one by one for your contribution, help, and support. May the beauty pageant lives forever and all the countries shall participate in the competition. Not for the crown, not for the sash, not for the money but most importantly is for the pride behind it all. The pride for every delegates and for the country in which they represent. If there is anything you would like to tell us just simply send us an email and it will be a pleasant thing to receive such a great response from all of you.

Thank you,


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