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Miss Indonesia (Unofficial)
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MIU Website Awards

Welcome to our MIU Website Awards !!! Here you will find information regarding this awards. You better read it first so you know what's going on exactly.

What ?

The MIU Website Award is a special award dedicated to all the website which has provided a great information and interesting web site regarding beauty pageants. We realize that most of the web sites were made without being paid and the author made it only because of their passionate with beauty pageant. Therefore, we would like to give them an appreciation as best as we can. There is no money, no contract, no fame, and no publicity but this award may show to all the pageant web site owner how important they are until now and we hope that through this awards, there will be many others fans to start making a website and providing many great sources and other interactive web sites.
The awards given is specially designed by MIU staff and all the winners will receive the awards exclusively. The winners are freely to put the awards they won into their own pages. This is how the award look like

Who ?

The judges :
The preliminary judges for MIU Website Awards are Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) Staff and our contributor. Since this is our first award therefore we still cannot ask for other website owner to become a preliminary judge. Positively, most of our preliminary judges are coming from Indonesia which mean that the scoring system for preliminary round will be fairly done. However, within the next year, we will change the format for preliminary judges to make the awards become more interesting.
The participants :
The participants of this awards are all web sites which focused on beauty pageant. All official, unofficial, and private web sites are capable to follow the preliminary round. The website judged so far are the one that can be found in the links of any beauty pageant websites and therefore if there is any web site which has not been linked to any other web site, please contact us and let us know.
NOTE : The participant of each MIU Website Awards are all web sites from one year before the Awards announced. For example, the participants for 1st ANNUAL MIU Website Awards 2002 are all web site from 1 April 2001 - 1 April 2002. All the editing, the improvement, and the launch of new web sites will be observed within that range.

How ?

Category :
There are 5 main categories in this awards :
1. Overall.
2. International.
3. National.
4. Global.
5. Others.
Overall : All web sites are competed into this category to become the best of the best.
International : All official web sites regarding beauty pageant competition such as Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth web sites.
National : All web sites regarding National beauty pageant (both competition and information) such as Miss Indonesia (Unofficial). It can be private web sites as well but it has to provide a national pageant of one country.
Global : All private web sites which providing an information regarding international beauty pageant instead of national beauty pageant.
Others : This are awards that are non-categorial from the other 4 categories.
Each of these category will have similar awards byut separately from each other. For further explanation, you may see our nomination list to see how the awards presented in each category.
Preliminary Scoring System :
The scoring system for preliminary is simple. All the judges choose their favourite top 10 website from 1 to 10. Website no.1 will receive 10 points, website no.2 will receive 9 points and so on until website no.10 receive 1 points.
The points then added and we have 5 nominator in each category.
Final Scoring System :
The final scoring system is similar. The difference is that all the nominator (except the official one) will be asked to participate in chosing the winner for all categories. All nominators of GLOBAL category are able to become a judge. Some nominator for OVERALL, NATIONAL & OTHERS category, which are privately made can be participated as well. To make it clear, we will reveal all the judges name during final round.
All judges will sort each category from no.1 to no.5 and nominator no.1 will gain 5 points, nominator no.2 will gain 4 points, and so on.
Any questions regarding scoring system ???? just contact us to

The time is coming !!!! THE NOMINATION LIST is up !!! go and have a look to our nominators. Who will be in the list ? Is your website in the list ? Is your favourite website up there ? So let's enter this magnificent awards

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