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Miss Indonesia (Unofficial)
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And The Award goes to....

Miss Egypt Club (26)
Miss Venezuela (23)
Mabuhay Pageants (21)
Miss Philippines (20)
Miss India finally got their second award as "Best Pageant Website" for National Category. Excellent candidate, Great winners, and 7 beauty crowns of Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Asia Pacific come into one in this website. Not far from Miss India, there is Miss Egypt Club the winner of "Best Special Features" and "Best Information" for National Category with 26 points. beauty-factory Miss Venezuela website came third followed by Mabuhay pageants and Miss Philippines. We would like to congratulate all the nominator and the winner cause all of you have done a really good job. Miss Venezuela and Miss Philippines will continue their journey and hope to the most prestigious 4 MIU Awards 2002. Miss Venezuela is nominated in "Website of The Year" and "Design of The Year" while Miss Philippines the winner of "Best Cover for National Category" will compete in "Cover of The Year" with their lovely front page website.


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