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Miss Indonesia (Unofficial)
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And the award goes to.....

Jimmy's Page (29)
Pageant Almanac (28)
Miss Universe Critics (23)
Beauland (20)
Congratulations to Global Beauties as "Best Pageant Website" for Global Category and this is their 4th MIU awards 2002. Wow...what an achievement. Jimmy's Page who incredibly happy because of their Canadian Neelam Verna entered the top 10 in Miss Universe 2002 came in second with 29 points. Not so far away behind there is Pageant Almanac with 28 points. Rafael Delfin's Miss Universe Critics came next followed by Woojae's Beauland in the fifth place. Global Beauties, Pageant Almanac, and Jimmy's Page will continue their journey to the big 4 awards coming up. Good luck and once again congratulations !!!

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