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Miss Indonesia (Unofficial)
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From Indonesia with Love

(This page is dedicated to Oxana Fedorova, a stunning beauty from Russia. Miss Indonesia (Unofficial) creates this site in regards with her dethronement as Miss Universe 2002 and this page does not have any meaning other than simply to show our respectful of what Oxana did as 4 months of her reigning as Miss Universe as well as good luck wishing for her future career)

From : Seiko Wiryawan
"I just want to say good luck to you Oxana. Even though you not accomplish your reigning as Miss Universe but I believe you've enjoy the experience of being the most beautiful woman on earth. I wish you the best luck and I hope you will obtain your degree in University as you should"

From : Widya Wongso
"I think you are such a brave heart Oxana for making such hard decision. I believe you've made the best choice and good luck for you"
From : Yoseph Gunahardja
"To all Miss Indonesia, I hope you all have a heart and mind like Oxana. Beauty is not only physical mean but is more than that. God bless Oxana all the way"
From : Lukman
"I had an opportunity to see Oxana in Yogyakarta when she visited Borobudur temple. I'm not a fan of Miss Universe and beauty contest but I think Oxana has become one of the greatest example of how woman should define 'beauty' by themselves more appropriately. Oxana is so beautiful and I wish her the best"
From : Inge Anastasia Lunardi
"I'm not agree if she was dethroned just because of her pregnancy. Do you think woman can get pregnant? if not, then what is the actual essence of beauty pageant? just want to show their body, smile, face ??? I think we need to re-consider why such pageants need to exist"
From : ?????
"Why??? You are so beautiful Oxana..I can't contain it. Better not have any Miss Universe at all anymore if the winner can be dethroned for silly reasons"
From : Ading Gusnadi
"Oxana..what a wonderful name. Too bad you have to decline your title but I believe it is the best decision and I agree with you that no matter what, education and career are much more important than just a crown. Good luck for your study then"

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